Sarkari Jobs in India

The government employees are responsible for running the country administration indirectly. Their job remains stable and intact no matter what party has the power to rule. They are held in high esteem among the society and given many luxurious offers in return for their services. Here is a list of few luxuries among the many which accompany the sarkari jobs.

1. Sarkari naukri employees are considered as the deciding power in various important governance fields like, registration, defense and revenue collection. All the private sector companies have to depend on them to a certain extent to run their business smoothly.

2. Unlike private sector, the quota system prevalent in the industry helps the youth from the downtrodden companies to gain access to jobs easily. The SC/ST youth are given a concession in all eligibility criteria starting from percentage of marks to certain reservations in every job category.

3. When it comes to job satisfaction and job security, the private sector companies cannot compete with the sarkari jobs in any way.

4. The growth in the sarkari naukri is slow. Promotions and salary revisions are offered once in a while. But, they are worth the wait. A person joining as an elementary school teacher in a rural government school has the chance to retire as a Chief Educational Office of the district, if they choose to write various department exams continuously and keep their educational qualification up to date.

5. There are ample monetary benefits like medical insurance, job opportunities for children, paid holidays, pension schemes, 9 – 5 work pattern, compulsory weekly holidays and regular public holidays.

Sarkari jobs enable a person to travel throughout the country in forms of transfer. People interested in serving the country and those who have good interpersonal skills find sarkari naukri very intriguing even though the private sector companies are ready to offer them more salary than the government jobs.