Government jobs in Indian Railways

Railway Recruitment Board or RRBs situated in various parts of India like Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Mumbai and Trivandrum are quite busy in recruiting new employees for Indian railways, one of the largest railways in the world.

The candidates interested in fetching details about these vacancies should follow the newspapers like “Employment News” closely. The eligible candidates who apply for vacancies are selected through a lengthy process.

1. The candidates are shortlisted based on their caste, quota system and educational qualification first. The most eligible candidates are short listed. Aspirant applicants can log onto respected railway recruitment board websites directly to check for the constant vacancies and further details.
2. A written examination follows which contains mostly objective type questions.
3. The personal interview tests the skill of the candidates directly. Sometimes written exams, mostly descriptive type are conducted during this period also.
4. The candidates typing skills or other specific skills required to the job are tested in the next stage. Railway recruitment board does the work of recruiting “Group C” workers for their concerned railway zones.
5. A thorough background check is done on the selected candidates. Candidates who have an F.I.R. or a police complaint filed on them are usually rejected. A clear residence proof is required. Also several documents regarding their nativity, caste and community are checked if they apply under SC/ST quota, defense reservation or any such special allocations.
6. A final medical checkup is done to confirm, if the candidate is perfectly fit for the job, before an appointment order is given to them.
The functions of all the railway recruitment board are quite transparent ensuring a fair selection process.